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Nicola's Story

"What I love about the program is that it's a lifestyle, so it is part of life, and my journey"

This year has been a journey- life has it's up and downs and challenging moments. What I love about the program is that it's a lifestyle, so it is part of life, and my journey.

I have loved the program - it works!  Is it challenging - damn straight it is - and so it should be! Have I achieved what I set out to? Mostly, but I can do more, and I am enjoying the challenge. I have learnt so much.

A big part of this for me, aside from losing weight, the exercise and learning better ways to fuel my body was my why.  My why - my parents contributed to this program for me, and I want to show them I can do this, I can stick to it, I can be accountable.
To help me do this I set myself individual challenges throughout the year - a carrot if you will! My other why - (although this program has had benefits for my husband and son as well) - my daughter. I want her to see how to achieve a healthy body, the healthy way, at any age and start instilling those habits as a way of life now. Kids have so many body image issues and this program has helped me guide her through some of those.

I have found my migraines have decreased, I am sleeping better and my gut has been a lot more settled - I have Crohn's so this is a very important benefit for me. And yes - I have discovered muscles I never thought I would! The program has also been great for my mind - feeling more refreshed, more energy, able to deal with stressful situations more positively and less anxiety.

On top of all that, I could not have done this without the awesome support and encouragement from the Clearview transformation 2019 team. Having that support has been the backbone for me.

Finally- Bron! What a fabulous human. She goes above and beyond for her clients, her support is amazing. I feel like I have another family.

I am looking forward to achieving more goals and working out with a fabulous bunch of people for the foreseeable future!

Winner of the 2019 Clearview Transformation Challenge

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