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Joyce's Story

“I feel brighter on the inside and it’s shining through”.

I joined the Transformation Challenge in January 2018.

I’ve gained so much knowledge on how to fuel my body for performance and recovery.

  • What and how to eat to improve my body shape.
  • How to exercise, without putting undue stress on my joints.
  • Addressed limiting beliefs and negative behaviours, which led to poor food choices.
  • I understand the power of the mind and how it can trick you. and how it can trick you. and how it can trick you
  • After a year, I’m still learning and whilst my results in 2018 were beyond outstanding, I have signed up for another year to make sure my new lifestyle really sticks.

I’m so impressed with the Transformation program, in that it’s not hard and I love my meals and shakes. The shakes are so appropriately timed for when I begin to feel like something sweet, they fulfill my needs.

I felt that it would be difficult to be away on weekends and remain compliant on the program, but I’ve learnt a completely new way of living life that is completely sustainable.

Not only have I found new self-esteem and confidence with the weight loss, but I have also made improvements in my golf and a new found love for hiking.

The Transformation program has changed my life.

This is my new life. Thank you Bron xo

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